What is milwaukee one key?

The tool management system works directly from the power tools themselves, which means that you can control all your Milwaukee tools by simply connecting them to the ONE-KEY online application. Milwaukee makes very good tools and dedicates that little more time to engineering and quality than smaller brands don't spend. With Milwaukee One-Key managed inventory software, everything is there in the event of theft or some other event that makes you need that information to report on tools. The data can be transferred from the tool to a smart device equipped with the Milwaukee application and then uploaded to the cloud.

For advanced commercial use, Milwaukee One-Key has several key partners to expand the use of its monitoring and reporting tools. The Milwaukee One-Key program also helps you track the use and service intervals of your tools to maximize uptime and maintain a small inventory. In introducing this technology, Milwaukee started with drills and actuators because all retailers use them and those tools are expected to perform a wide range of tasks. Rather than simply manufacturing a smart Bluetooth battery, Milwaukee has consistently “overinvested” in both its tool electronics and battery electronics.

The Milwaukee One-Key Places tab offers you several ways to manage work sites and keep track of exit tools. It's all possible because of the way Milwaukee developed its lithium-ion cordless tools from the start.

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