Is there a way to track milwaukee tools?

By integrating functionality into the tool, not the battery, all tools can be tracked even if the battery is not charged or connected. It has launched a tool tracking system that allows contractors to find lost or stolen items with the help of a telephone application. Keep track of your tools and equipment in the field with a schedule of the locations where your tool has been for the past 30 days since it was last viewed, or set a date range to understand its use and make improvements. With Milwaukee's One-Key managed inventory software, everything is present in the event of a theft or other event that causes you to need that information to report on the tools.

Tool reports allow users and workplace administrators to wirelessly synchronize with a web-based application, allowing the user to upload tool data and history to track the success and timing of things like electrical terminations and other pressing actions All of this is possible because of the way Milwaukee developed its lithium-ion cordless tools from the start. The Milwaukee One-Key Places tab offers you several ways to manage work sites and keep track of retired tools. Currently, only a few of Milwaukee's tools are enabled with a single key, but they've been busy adding many more to their arsenal. This will alert you the next time that tool is pinging (within 30 feet of anyone who has the Milwaukee ONE-KEY app) and you'll be able to see where it is.

Identify and track inventories of small tools and assets with barcodes, asset labels and hand tool tracking solutions. Milwaukee makes great tools and requires that little extra time in engineering and quality that smaller brands don't need. Rather than simply making a Bluetooth smart battery, Milwaukee has consistently “overinvested” both in the electronics of its tools and in the electronics of the battery. Whether you have 5 people or 500 people, everyone we've talked to feels some level of frustration due to the tracking of tools and the loss of tools, theft, or anything else.

Milwaukee Tool, a 92-year-old company that is now a subsidiary of Hong Kong-based Techtronics Industries, says its new ONE-KEY program does much more than track down missing tools. Inside all Milwaukee M18 tools with ONE-KEY there is a chip that can be connected up to 2 years after the last time it was connected to an M18 battery. For advanced business use, Milwaukee One-Key has several key partners to expand the use of its tracking and reporting tools.

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