Who owns ryobi and milwaukee tools?

Both Ryobi and Milwaukee are owned by Hong Kong-based manufacturing company Techtronic Industries. Although they share the same parent company, Ryobi and Milwaukee are not the same thing; in fact, their positioning in the market is very different. Brands such as Ryobi, Dirt Devil, Oreck, Milwaukee Electric and Hoover, for example, are owned by Techtronic Industries, based in Hong Kong. Stanley Black & Decker, based in Connecticut, owns many brands beyond its name, including Lenox, Craftsman, Irwin Tools, DeWalt and CribMaster.

Ryobi is one of the famous tool brands that provides DIY enthusiasts with practical tools for various applications. However, you would be interested to know that Ryobi's tool manufacturer is Techtronic Industries Limited (TTi Group). Ryobi and DeWalt tools are independent brands, since Ryobi is a Japanese company whose tools are licensed by the Hong Kong-based company Techtronic Industries. The Ryobi tools sold exclusively at Home Depot appear to be products of Techtronic Industries, a Hong Kong-based company that manufactures a wide range of practical tools for Ryobi and other private brands.

The company supplies tools for private brands such as Ryobi, Hart, Empire, AEG, Vax, Hoover and Milwaukee. Ryobi tools typically have low speed power and are affordably priced, lower than Craftsman tools. As you may already know, TTI is the parent company of Milwaukee Tool and the Ridgid and Ryobi power tool companies in North America. Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation benefited from the manufacturing boom of World War II and its position as a supplier to the United States Navy.

This is what I want: a reductive battery adapter that allows the Milwaukee M18 batteries to work on the 18 V tools of all 3 brands and the Ridgid batteries to work on their 18 V tools or those of Ryobi. In the end, it's finally released as a professional-grade tool for Milwaukee at Milwaukee prices. The thing is that a Ryobi wireless tool will not only appear in the boxes of professional users, since you have to have the battery and charger for a wireless tool. On the other hand, Milwaukee is the best option for contractors and DIYers who will get a lot out of their tools.

At the time, I wondered if brands were communicating with each other because I know they operate completely independently or, at least, Milwaukee is completely separate from the tool development and activities of Ridgid and Ryobi. Both Milwaukee and Ryobi are high-performance tool brands in the industry, with a wide range of options for different applications. I live in the Milwaukee area and would love to support a local brand, BUT I also want to make smart purchases and invest in quality tools that last.

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