What's better brushless or fuel?

The main difference between the Milwaukee FUEL line and regular brushless tools is the torque level and drive power. The FUEL range is considered to be the best of its brushless power tools. FUEL tools offer all the benefits of brushless motor technology combined with the highest possible power. All Milwaukee FUEL tools are brushless, but not all compact Milwaukee brushless tools are made with the torque and drive of FUEL tools.

That's the real difference between Milwaukee's brushless power tools and Milwaukee's compact ones, which differentiates them from the FUEL range because retailers required a smaller version of brushless tools. Because less energy is needed to operate a brushless motor, it consumes less battery power compared to a brushed motor. This means that the battery will last longer since less energy is consumed to perform the same task. With motors that have brushes, more energy is required to overcome the friction inherent in the design.

That's not true with brushless motors. I've been working in the professional construction industry for the past 30 years or so, so I make a living with my tools. I recently joined Milwaukee's line of cordless tools, the M12, they're all the fuel line, and it wasn't the question of having brushes or brushless, it had more to do with the construction quality of the fuel line compared to the brushed line. However, brushless power tools aren't necessarily much more expensive than tools with brush technology.

According to Popular Mechanics magazine, brushless power tools cost approximately 30% more than tools with standard brush technology. Now, Milwaukee has responded to consumer demand to make even powerful but more compact brushless tools that may be easier to maneuver. Milwaukee is proud to produce cutting-edge products, such as brushless FUEL and compactly designed power tools, in addition to offering exceptional customer service. Recently, Milwaukee launched a compact line of brushless tools, separate from the extreme performance FUEL line.

In addition, not all compact brushless tools produced by Milwaukee have the traction and torque found in the FUEL range. The M12 tools have brushed motors and the M12 Fuel tools have PowerState brushless motors and Redlink intelligence. Recently, Milwaukee launched a compact line of brushless tools to complement the powerful FUEL line designed for tight spaces. There are many advantages to using a brushless motor, such as that found in fuelless and non-fuel power tools in Milwaukee.

When you see the POWERSTATE emblem, you'll know that this Milwaukee tool is designed to the highest standards available in today's brushless motor offering.

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