How far can milwaukee one-key track?

By including functionality in the tool, not the battery, all the tools can be tracked even if the battery isn't charged or connected. Geofencing creates a virtual geographical boundary. This allows the software to notify you when a device enters or leaves a certain area. One-Key Bluetooth tracking is effective when the mobile device is less than 30 meters from the tool, but geolocation allows it to fully cover your home or workplace.

Once a tool sends a ping to a one-key application outside the geofence, the user is notified. By using any tool that is enabled for a single key, the application allows you to track and locate any tool that is within 100 feet of your smartphone. The best part of this is that the battery doesn't even need to be charged or even connected to the tool to work. The technology is integrated directly into the tool, which is pretty cool.

Inside all Milwaukee M18 tools with ONE-KEY there is a chip that can be connected to up to 2 years after the last time it was connected to an M18 battery. The Milwaukee Key Locations tab offers you several ways to manage worksites and keep track of retired tools. For advanced commercial use, Milwaukee One-Key has several key partners to expand the use of its tracking and reporting tools. The ONE-KEY application will routinely record the last time the tool was within 30 meters of any device with the single-key application, allowing you to locate the missing tools faster and increase the responsibility of your bands.

Milwaukee's One Key smart tools allow you to customize each individual tool to work faster and more efficiently. Currently, only a few of Milwaukee's tools are enabled to use a single key, but they've been busy adding many more to their arsenal. ONE-KEY connects users to their tools, but it also links those tools and products to a cloud-based information network. Since changes to the settings or modes of a one-key power tool are made in the application and then loaded into the tool, there is no need for the phone to be constantly connected to the tool.

The Milwaukee One-Key program also helps you track the usage and service intervals of your tools to maximize uptime and maintain a reduced inventory. With Milwaukee's One-Key managed inventory software, everything is present in the event of theft or some other fact that causes you to need that information to report on the tools. When ONE-KEY first launched from Milwaukee, the first question many of us asked was if I could track my tools. Rather than just manufacturing a smart Bluetooth battery, Milwaukee has always “overinvested” both in the electronics of its tools and in the electronics of the battery.

This will notify you the next time that tool is pinged (within 30 meters of anyone with Milwaukee's ONE-KEY app) and you can see where it is. It's all possible because of the way Milwaukee developed its lithium-ion cordless tools from the start.

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