What tool brand does home depot own?

Ridgid and RYOBI are The Home Depot's signature brands. Ridgid power tools sold exclusively by Home Depot are developed, produced and marketed by TTI. Ridgid hand tools and other professional plumbing and industrial tools are not included in the agreement. What brands does Fortive manufacture and own? The Home Depot is proud to present many of the top brands, such as Husky, Bosch, Stanley Tools, DEWALT, Milwaukee Tools, Klein Tools, Estwing and GearWrench.

Please wait a moment and try again. Husky is a line of hand tools, pneumatic tools and tool storage products. Although it was founded in 1924, it is now better known as The Home Depot's own brand, where it is sold exclusively. Stanley Black & Decker, Western Forge, Apex Tool Group and Iron Bridge Tools manufacture their hand tools for Home Depot.

Their motto is The toughest name in tools. Home Depot also offers a line of high-end tools under the Husky Pro brand. I'm not sure about the power of Wen and cobalt, but cobalt hand tools are currently manufactured by JS Products (imported) from Las Vegas, most likely this will change when Lowes hires Craftsman Tools manufactured by Stanley Black & Decker. Dewalt has one of the broadest lines that surpasses Milwaukee, but many of them are only Stanley Black and Decker improved or contractually manufactured once it moves away from major power tools.

We also have power tools that use the latest lithium-ion battery technology and brushless power tools, offering more power and longer run times. Very interesting, a list of the companies that actually manufacture the tools for retailers would be useful to track the quality of the tools and then save money. Perhaps there will be some standalone left, such as Kett Tool. I'm also not sure how much of Martin's tool production has been moved overseas.

Discover hand tool sets, socket sets, impact socket sets, socket and ratchet sets, ratchet socket sets and mechanical tool sets. I think I've seen that Emerson now makes rigid power tools and workshop vacuums for Home Depot and that Ryobi was manufacturing garbage disposal tools. In fact, Dormer-Pramet is part of the Sandvik Group and they have recently acquired Wetmore Tool and parts of the Miranda Tools business. Illinois Tool Works (ITW) has tool companies such as Miller Welders, Hobart Welders, Ramset, Paslode and a large number of consumables under its corporate umbrella.

When Litton disbanded its hand tool division in the 1980s, it sold the Husky brand (and other assets, including the Blackhawk brand) to National Hand Tool. With so many options to choose from, including wired and cordless tools, as well as hundreds of different power tool combination kit options, you may find it difficult to decide which one is best suited for your needs. The list showed that Stanley Tools formerly manufactured Craftsman hand tools and Danaher took over this one. Chervon is also an OEM that produces cordless power tools for other brands, including private brands such as Lowes' Kobalt 24V Max brushless power tool line.

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