Do milwaukee batteries have tracking devices?

You also have to wonder if Milwaukee batteries are equipped with GPS. Although it is not GPS (the system still depends on Bluetooth communication with the application), it is a type of mesh network that allows instruments to be monitored even when there is no battery installed in the device itself. It has launched a tool tracking system that allows contractors to find lost or stolen items with the help of a telephone application. The Milwaukee One-Key Places tab offers you several ways to manage work sites and keep track of retired tools.

When ONE-KEY first launched from Milwaukee, the first question many of us had was if I could track my tools. For advanced business use, Milwaukee One-Key has several key partners to expand the use of its tracking and reporting tools. Since the function is integrated in the tool and not in the battery, all devices can be tracked even when the battery is not charged or when the tool is not in use. Milwaukee Tool, a 92-year-old company that is now a subsidiary of Hong Kong-based Techtronics Industries, says its new ONE-KEY program does much more than track down missing tools.

Inside all Milwaukee M18 tools with ONE-KEY there is a chip that can be connected up to 2 years after the last time it was connected to an M18 battery. Milwaukee's One Key smart tools allow you to customize each individual tool for faster and more efficient work. With Milwaukee's One-Key managed inventory software, everything is present in the event of a theft or other event that causes you to need that information to report on the tools. Contractors can use the system to track a power tool from crib to grave, with a record of each time the tool is used, its serial number, and purchase information.

Milwaukee's One-Key program also helps track the usage and service intervals of your tools to maximize uptime and keep inventory down. The built-in tool tracking features allow you to have full visibility of tool applications across your network of worksites and users. This will alert you the next time that tool is pinging (within 30 feet of anyone who has the Milwaukee ONE-KEY app) and you'll be able to see where it is. Rather than simply making a Bluetooth smart battery, Milwaukee has consistently “overinvested” both in the electronics of its tools and in the electronics of the battery.

LIMITED TIME HAND TOOL WARRANTY A limited warranty is provided to the original purchaser for each MILWAUKEE hand tool, which ensures that it is free from defects in material and workmanship.

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